Play Keno and Win Big Online

Do you make your way down to a shop every week to buy a lotto ticket? Let’s face it; most of us do in the hopes of becoming a millionaire. Keno is an online casino game that is played very similarly to the way you’d play the lotto. We have put together a list of the best South African Keno online casinos for you to choose from so that you can enjoy a hassle free casino experience as well as fast, secure and reliable options to deposit and withdrawal your ZAR to and from your online casino account.

Top South African Online Casinos


It’s your lucky day

Once you’ve chosen one of the best online casinos from our list to play your favourite games at you’re just about ready to jump in head first and hope that today is your lucky day.

Keno is a lottery style numbers game, and much like you would do with the lotto you will need to choose your winning numbers. The board consists of numbers from 1 – 80, and you will need to choose up 20 numbers that you would like to bet on (this will be your ticket). Each number varies in payout and you will see that every time you click on a number, and based on that you can decide exactly how much you potentially want to walk away with. You will then select the size chip that you would like to bet dependent on how much you have deposited into your online casino account and you’re ‘a for a way’. The game then randomly picks 20 numbers from the 80 numbered board and if any of your numbers match what has been drawn you will win an amount based on the payout of that specific number.

If you’d like to test your luck first before playing a real money Keno game then choose the ‘free play’ option which will give you plenty time to get the hang of it, you’ll pick it up very quickly so don’t waste your lucky streak here.

Know your odds

As with any online casino game it’s always better to go that extra mile and do a little bit of research in knowing your odds before playing Keno. If by a stroke of luck 10 of your numbers match out of the 20 drawn it will pay out 253:1.

The higher you bet the more chance you have of winning as well. It is risky betting high as there is the possibility that you could lose it too but just think about winning and it will all make sense. It’s a risk worth taking.

With Keno you are also allowed to be bet on more than 1 ticket. Betting on more than 1 ticket allows you to bet on more than just 20 numbers, of course this increases your odds of winning dependant on your budget but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great strategy to stick with. Online casino software randomly picks the winning numbers, there is ultimately no way of determining what numbers are best to pick for a particular set. It’s the luck of the draw.

Win hundreds of thousands of Rands with this online casino game within seconds. If you’re feeling lucky have a go at it and choose one of the best South African Keno online casinos from our list.