Play Poker at Top South African Sites

Poker, an all time favourite card game amongst young and old has made its way to the world of online gambling. There are many variations to choose from and they’re available at almost all online poker sites worldwide. We have reviewed a few online poker sites most suited to the South African player and have listed the best out of the lot for you to enjoy your favourite online casino games ensuring safe and fair game play, secure payment transactions as well as added bonuses and promotions.

Top South African Poker Rooms


Ready, set, go

There are many variants of poker; they’re all very similar to each other with a few minor differences that you’ll quickly pick up. Players in each game can range between 6 – 10 players depending on the demand of the buy in, and they all function in just about the same way. The last man standing is the one who wins the grand ZAR prize.

Poker is a fast paced game that can take a few short minutes to complete before moving on to the next round which means just one thing – if luck is on your side, and you have a good hand you can be pocketing thousands of Rands in a very short period of time.

When you’re ready to play for real money visit the cashier section on your online poker room and deposit money into your online casino account, alternatively play a few free games to prepare yourself for the game and to get used to the antics.

Hand displays

The virtual dealer will deal out 5 cards to each player. The value and symbol on those cards is what’s going to make you big time money if they’re in the correct sequence.

There are many hand displays that warrant a win in poker and these include: one pair, which means that 2 of your five cards are the same; two pair, which is when you have 2 pairs out of 5 cards you have; three of a kind, is when 3 of your 5 cards are of the same; a straight, is when all 3 cards follow in sequence but don’t have to be of the same suit; a flush, which is when all 5 of your cards are of the sae suit but not necessarily in sequence; a full house is when you have 3 of a kind as well as one pair to make up the total 5 cards; four of a kind is when you have 4 of the same card, and 1 card odd; a straight flush is when all 5 of your cards are in sequence and of the same suit; and finally the highest ranked hand to have would be the royal flush which is when all 5 cards are in sequence and of the same suit but starts with the Ace i.e. A, K, Q, J, 10.

At land based casinos it’s all about keeping your cool and bluffing, at online casinos or poker rooms you won’t have that hassle. It will be against you and the software. There are also live streaming poker games where you literally form part of a poker table with other players and play via live video streaming.

Choose from one of our top rated online poker establishments and enjoy an incredible gaming experience at any time you choose.