The best video poker games for South Africans

Are you a fan of poker? Do you love the fast pace of online slots games? If yes, then video poker is the game for you. Loved by all players’ young and old video poker ranks one of the top favourite online casino games across the globe. South African players can now join in on the fun with our list of elite, top performing online casinos. We ensure that game play is fair and that deposits and withdrawals are fast and secure exceeding all of your online casino needs.

Top South African Online Casinos


Getting started is simple

The first action you need to take is to choose one of the trusted online casinos featured on our list to start playing. The second thing you’ll need to do is understand the difference between regular online poker and online video poker. In both games you are dealt a hand of 5 cards and it’s your mission then to get the best hand possible in order to win ZAR. The only difference really is that in regular poker you’re playing against other components and in video poker you’re playing with yourself in the aim to build the best possible hand.

You’ll first need to decide on your betting amount which can range from 1 to 5 credits at a time, the choice is yours. After that you’re dealt 5 cards and you can choose whether to keep them or to discard and replace them for new ones with the hope of creating a winning hand.

Remember that the higher you bet the more chance you have of winning. There are a few video poker games from which to choose from including a single hand where you play with just one hand of cards, a multi hand game where you can play with more than 1 hand, and a progressive poker game where you can play with a single or multi hand except this time the winnings are attached to a huge jackpot. Playing a multi hand game naturally increases your chance of winning as the odds are automatically increased.

Card sequences to aim for

With video poker you will need to aim for the same hand of cards that you would in a regular poker game. These hands include a one pair where you will need to have 2 cards of the same rank; two pair where you will have 2 pairs of the same rank (each pair can be different); three of a kind is where 3 of your cards are of the same rank; a straight where all 5 of your cards are lined up consecutively regardless of suit; a flush where all 5 cards are of the same suit; a full house is where 3 cards are of one rank, and the other 2 are of another; a four of a kind which is when 4 cards are of the same rank; a straight flush is when all 5 of your cards are lined consecutively within the same suit; and a royal flush that’s exactly the same as a straight flush except it starts with a high Ace. Most of the hands are self explanatory and the others you’ll catch on to in no time.

Choose from one of our trusted South African-friendly online video poker casinos to enjoy hours of real money play, and win big!