Play the best Sic Bo games in South Africa

Sic bo is an online casino game that’s hitting the favourite list fast. It’s a dice game, and your lucky streak will determine whether you win big or not. There are many name variants but they all have the same principles and game structure. Some of the names of the game are dai sui, hi-lo, tai sai or big and small. You can find this game at all of the best online casinos for South Africans that we have reviewed and listed for you.

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Understand the game

Sic bo has been around for centuries and with each passing year it increases in popularity, and there’s a good reason for that. Once you’ve learnt the ropes the payouts are massive and range from 1:1 to 180:1 payouts.

Sic bo is played with 3 dice. The dice will be scrambled and released onto a board. You will need to place a bet based before the dice roll. The dice will land on sequence on numbers, and based on your bet, you could potentially win that roll. You can bet on the total number of all 3 dice added together, any single number that the dice might land on, 2 specific numbers, or a combination of numbers that you predict the dice will land on. You can place more than 1 bet to increase your chances of winning.

Choose from our list of the best Sic bo South African online casinos, and you can opt to play the game for free before taking a real money plunge.

The winning bet

There are many different bets you can place and the sooner you learn them all the sooner your bank balance will increase. The first Sic bo bet to take note of is the single bet. When placing a single bet you’re predicting that the dice will showcase the number you have chosen. If 1 of the dice lands on your number you will win 1:1 payout, if your number is on 2 of the dice you will be paid out 2:1, and if all 3 dice has your number you will be paid 12:1. The double bet is when you bet that 2 of the 3 dice will land on a specific double; this payout is set at 10:1. A triple bet is when you predict that all 3 dice will land on the same number, you can be specific in which number you choose and in this case the payout will be 180:1, or if you bet on any triple the payout will be 30:1. The ‘small and big’ bet is when you bet that all 3 of the dice will amount up to either a small number between 4 and 10 or a big number between 11 and 17. Remember that if you get a triple on this one you will lose. A combination bet is when you bet on 2 specific numbers. The payout will be 6:1. And finally the total bet is when you bet on the total of all 3 dice ranging from 4 – 17.

New players should consider playing the ‘small and big’ bet first as it has a lower risk and more frequent payout. And number 8, 10, 11 and 13 are said to have the worst payouts in Sic bo so work around these.

It’s no wonder that Sic bo is growing from strength to strength in popularity. It has massive payouts and that’s enough to get us in there. Choose from our list of the best South African online casinos and start playing this exciting game now!