Making Visa deposits at a South African online casino

All South African online gamblers have at some stage been faced with making a decision as to what online payment method to use to fund their casino accounts. Many players have even had to open bank accounts in order to make deposits. This is not only a time consuming payment method, but you will also incur bank charges for moving money from one account to another. Because of these and many other reasons, South African gamblers have been looking for convenient, fast and safe payment methods. One of the most popular online payment methods used by South Africans today is Visa and the reason for this is that it is just what they have been looking for. It is one of the most established and trusted payment providers in the world today. It is safe, convenient and fast with state of the art security features, which makes it the perfect payment option for South African online casino enthusiasts.

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How to make online deposits

Making a deposit is easy; you simply have to type in the card number, the card holder’s name and some details associated with the card. Many of the South African online casinos on this site might also ask you for a scanned copy of the Visa card that you intend to use, along with some proof of identification. These measures are there for security reasons only, to protect both you and the casino from fraudsters. When you play at a South African online casino that has been reviewed and rated on this site, you can rest assured that your personal details and card number will never be given out to anyone at any time. Once you have completed all the steps asked of you by the casino, you can then make deposit. After the deposit has been made to a South African online casino, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Once you have confirmation, you can go to the casino’s cashier, check your balance and start placing bets on all your favourite games.

Prepaid cards

Along with the debit and credit cards, Visa also offers prepaid card and a gift card, both of which can be used to make deposits to South African online casinos. Prepaid cards can be bought at certain retail outlets, banks and even from certain websites. Every prepaid card has a unique number printed on it and this number must be entered when making a deposit to a South African casino reviewed on this site. Once you have typed the number of the Visa prepaid card, the money has been deposited into the casino’s bank account and the prepaid card is then obsolete. This is also a great way to control and monitor how much you spend.

Safety and security

When you play at a South African casino reviewed and rated on this site, you will always be guaranteed of the best security available. All the casinos on this site use 128 bit encryption technology to keep your personal details and your money safe at all times.

In conclusion

Visa is one of the world leaders in payment methods today and caters for everyone, including South African online gamblers. If you are looking for a great online payment method, then Visa is definitely the one for you.