Play the best online roulette games in South Africa

Roulette is known to be one of those high end upper class casino games played by the rich and famous. Sometime we tend to bypass this game with a fear that we won’t fit in. Lucky for us this game has made its way to the online casino world, and there are lots of enticing factors that have made this wheel spinning entertainment one of the most played games around the world. We have taken the liberty to sieve through mounds of online casinos and have compiled a list of the best specifically for the South African market.

Top South African Online Casinos


Get the basics right

Roulette has been around for many years and with each year that has passed its following keeps increasing. Choose a downloadable or non downloadable online casino from our list and you’ll be one step closer to playing this prestigious game. To play roulette online is rather simple and a lot less complex than playing face to face.

If you’re not familiar with the look and feel of the game then pay attention. You will be playing on a table representing a wheel. The wheel will have 37 compartments numbered from 1 – 36 and an extra compartment for a 0. Numbers 1 – 36 are colour coded between red and black, and the 0 is green. When you start your spin a ball will be dropped into the wheel circulating in the opposite direction as to what the wheel is turning. If the ball lands on the number or colour that you bet on you have won.

Learn how to play

Once you’re ready to place a bet and play for real money you will need to adjust your online betting size to how much you want it and click bet. If you’ve bet on the ball to land on a certain number on the wheel the payouts can be extremely rewarding at 35:1, if you choose to bet on the ball landing on a specific colour instead the payouts are 1:1. It’s safe to say that the more risky you’re willing to be the more chance you will have of cashing out with full pockets. If your ball lands in the green compartment the casinos advantage is not in your favour and you lose your bet.

If you’ve never played roulette before most of the best South African online casinos allow you to play the game for free giving you the chance to get a good feel for it whilst preparing for your first debut.

There is more often than not a live dealer game play option where you’re literally living the casino experience via live video streaming, so if you’re looking for more of a thrill this option would be great to try.

Fair game play

Roulette offers a fair game; there is no proven way that you could possibly know where the ball is going to land. That being said there are a few people out there that claim the wheel is heavier on one side in comparison to the other that could lead the ball to fall on a specific side of the table, and based on that your bet prediction might be closer to where the ball lands, buts that’s here say, and who cares anyway, with online roulette you won’t have that worry either way as everything is digital and conducted in a fair and responsible manner.

Join millions of other satisfied South African gamblers and play online roulette as and when it suits you. Choose an online casino from our list that can have you winning thousands of Rands in a matter of minutes.